Large Frame

9110 O-Frame Scanner is our largest O-Frame scanner utilizing our long experience in designing scanners for harsh environments. The ultra stable head carriage ensures a smooth scan across different products. By using air knife technology and temperature stabilization of sensor heads we can ensure an accurate measurement from the first scan.

Medium Frame

9150 Medium-size O-frame Scanner is the medium sized O-Frame scanner sharing many design features with its big brother. It is designed to be compact and fit into existing machines where space is at a premium. Easy installation and simple cabling is a specific design goal for this scanner type.


9140 C-frame Scanner is meant for narrow lines, where space is at a premium but a scanning measurement is a must. The frame type is very compact and can even be installed upside down to keep the factory floor uncluttered.

Fixed Point

9144 Fixed point Scanner was developed to enable an affordable fixed point measurement. This scanner can be operated manually or equipped with a pneumatic cylinder for remote operation.

Single Sided

9145 Single sided Scanner is our single sided scanner type, which can span over web widths of over 10 m. Design goals were a stainless steel construction with the ability of moving the heads off sheet very quickly. Different built in cleaning tools are available to keep the sensor heads operational also in adverse conditions. This scanner is especially suited for installations after press sections in Pulp Dryer lines.

Mobile Unit

9142 Mobile Unit is a movable C-frame scanner with a height adjustable head. The sensor head can measure Basis Weight, Moisture ,Caliper and length. The unit is self-contained with on board air tanks and a WLAN connection to the data gathering unit. Features include FFT software and a Quality report.