New Microwave Sensor

Scienta is proud to announce the all new 7250S Microwave sensor, which enables the simultaneous measurement of Mass and Moisture over a wide range of products.

The microwave measurement method is based on the dielectric constant of materials. Water molecules have a much higher dielectric constant value than fibers and different type of fillers. This physical phenomenon is not used to measure only Moisture but also Basis Weight. Frequencies and other measured raw data are analyzed with very sophisticated algorithms. This is possible because of a new, digitally controlled high frequency technology.

Basis Weight

7210 Basis Weight sensor based on the absorption of Beta rays in an Ion Chamber. The Ion Chamber features Pass Line error geometry compensation as well as thermal stabilization. The single electronics card is cooled by a heat exchanger and features a direct Profibus DP, USB and analog output making it a very compact unit.

NIR Moisture

7230 NIR type sensor for measuring Moisture and Mass of very thin materials. The sensor is built around a same spot measuring of up to 4 channels. The light passes through a mirror reflector enhancing the sensitivity of the unit and simplifying the optical interface. Again, the electronics is very compact and features thermal stabilization of the InGaAs receiver diodes, which uses micro-optics to achieve a uniform response from all the measurement channels.

Ash Content

7213X Ash content sensor based on the absorption of Xray energy in a Scintillation tube. The Xray tube as well as the very compact high voltage generation card is cooled by heat exchangers. A sturdy metal shutter closes the radiation path when the sensor is off line. The Scintillation detector receiver features a single electronics card with onboard Profibus DP, USB and analog outputs.


7240 Caliper sensor uses the latest in blue laser technology to ensure a good reflection from the measured surface and thereby ensuring a thickness measurement. which can be correlated to laboratory values. The speed of the laser sensor is fast enough to ensure an accurate profile across the sheet and is able to measure even very porous materials like filter paper or nonwoven products.

Color and Brightness

7280 Color and Brightness sensor based on advanced spectrometer technology. A new sensor type, which is based on the latest Spectrometer technology with a 1,6 nm spectral resolution. This compact sensor can measure Brightness in real time enabling it to be used together with the Moisture and Basis Weight sensor in a scanner.


7270 Porosity sensor based on technology from our partner ACA Systems and incorporates the latest in air permeability technology. The sensor is very linear over a wide measuring range and is therefore easy to calibrate and to maintain. Automatic cleaning sequences are standard as well as an easy access to the sensor head for cleaning and inspection.